1335.02 PURPOSE.
   The purpose of this Sign Code is to establish standards for the fabrication, erection and use of signs, symbols, markings and advertising devices within the City. These standards are designed to protect and promote the public welfare, health and safety of persons with the community and to aid in the development and promotion of business and industry by providing sign regulations which encourage aesthetic creativity, effectiveness and flexibility in the design and use of such devices without creating detriment to the general public.
   (a)   This Sign Code authorizes the use of signs provided they meet all of the following:
      (1)   Compatible with their surroundings, pursuant to the objectives of proper design and zoning amenities;
      (2)   Designed, installed, and maintained to meet the sign user’s needs while at the same time promoting the amenable environment desired by the general public;
      (3)   Designed, constructed, installed and maintained in such a manner that they do not endanger public safety or traffic safety;
      (4)   Legible, readable, and visible in the circumstance in which they are used; and,
      (5)   Respectful of the reasonable rights of other advertisers whose messages are displayed.
   (b)   It is the intent of this Sign Code to coordinate the type, placement and scale of signs within the different land-use zones to recognize the commercial communication requirements of all sectors of the business community; to promote both renovation and proper maintenance; to allow for special circumstances; and to guarantee equal treatment under the law through accurate record keeping and consistent enforcement. The use of signs is regulated according to zone. The placement and scale of signs are regulated primarily by type and length of street frontage, though lot size, investment and surrounding conditions must also be considered.
(Ord. 047-06. Passed 6-5-06.)