Abatement of Nuisances
503.01   General provisions.
503.02   Definitions.
503.03   Nuisances affecting health.
503.04   Nuisances offending decency.
503.05   Nuisances affecting peace and safety.
503.06   Nuisances prohibited; habitation deemed unclean; agricultural exception.
503.07   Procedure for abatement.
503.08   Abatement.
503.09   Emergencies.
503.10   Order of abatement.
503.11   Appeals.
503.12   Damages.
503.13   Abandoned motor vehicles/junk motor vehicles.
503.14   Other methods in abating nuisances.
503.15   Nuisances generally; injunctions; violation; contempt.
503.16   Collection of cost of abating property condition; injunction; rehabilitation.
503.17   Order for abatement or vacation of premises.
503.18   Enforcement through court proceedings.
503.19   Location of privy vaults, cesspools, and septic tanks.
503.20   Removal of contents of vault.
503.21   Power of the City to fill or drain land.
503.22   Fees for service and return.
503.23   Obscene activity constituting a nuisance.
503.24   Injunction for violations related to disseminating or displaying matters harmful to juveniles.
503.99   Penalty.
         Power to abate - see Ohio R.C. 715.44
         Nuisances - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 3767
         Impounding vehicles - see TRAF. 303.08 et seq.