I.   On-street parking prohibited.
         II.   Parking time limits.
         III.   Stop and yield intersections.
         IV.   Right turns on a red light restricted.
         V.   Speed limits.
         VI.   Snow emergency routes.
         VII.   Skateboarding prohibited.
         VIII.   Bus stop locations.
         IX.   One-way traffic streets.
         X.   Left turns.
         XI.   Non-through streets.
         XII.   Central City Parking District.
         XIII.   Through Streets - Additional.
   The following is the Key Code for all traffic schedules contained herein:
N = North
AM = Ante meridiem, before noon
Rt. = Route
S = South
PM = Post-meridiem, after noon
Dr. = Drive
E = East
S.R. = State Route
St. = Street
W = West
Ct. = Court
Ave. = Avenue
Ext. = Extension
Pl. = Place
Rd. = Road
Pk. = Park
Co. Rd. = County Road
Co. = County