16.78.080 Appeal Hearing and Decision.
   A.   Appeal of Director Actions and Planning Commission Actions. In hearing an appeal, the appeal body may take any of the following actions:
      1.   Affirm or deny on the basis of the issues appealed or continue the public hearing to a date and time certain.
      2.   Set the matter for a new hearing at which time it may affirm, affirm in part, or reverse or otherwise modify the previous determination that is the subject of appeal.
      3.   A decision by an appeal body to continue a public hearing pursuant to Section 16.78.080.A.1. or to set a matter for a new hearing pursuant to Section 16.78.080A.2. may not be appealed. A majority vote of the appeal body is required to grant any appeal of a lower decision making body.
   B.   Appeal of an Environmental Determination. The hearing date shall be set within thirty (30) days of the submittal of complete appeal materials pursuant to Section 16.78.030D (Form and Content), and the hearing date shall be no later than the second regular meeting of city council subsequent thereto. A majority vote of the city council is required to certify the environmental document or uphold the environmental determination.
(Ord. 544 § 41, 2019; Ord. 430-10 § 12, 2010)