16.76.070 Notice of Decision.
Following the rendering of a decision on an application a copy of the decision shall be mailed to:
   A.    Applicant. The applicant, at the address shown on the application. The decision that is mailed to the applicant shall contain applicable findings, any conditions approval, reporting/monitoring requirements necessary to mitigate any impacts and protect the public convenience, health, safety and general welfare of the city; and
   B.   Other Person(s). Other person(s) who has made a written request for a copy of the decision. The decision notice shall advise that related documents such as findings, conditions of approval and reporting/monitoring requirements can be obtained from the City of Murrieta planning division.
(Ord. 544 § 39, 2019; Ord. 293 § 1 (part), 2004: Ord. 182 § 2 (part), 1997)