Chapter 5.04
   5.04.010   Definitions.
   5.04.020   Licenses required.
   5.04.030   Evidence of doing business.
   5.04.040   Fixing of business license fees.
   5.04.050   Schedule of license fees generally.
   5.04.060   Charitable activities exemption.
   5.04.070   Filing for exemptions.
   5.04.080   Fee adjustments required in cases of interstate commerce.
   5.04.090   Payment of other licenses not excused.
   5.04.100   Effect of chapter on past actions and obligations previously accrued.
   5.04.110   Separate computation of license fee.
   5.04.120   Business classifiable under different categories.
   5.04.130   License does not permit business otherwise prohibited.
   5.04.140   Other agency review.
   5.04.150   Unlawful manner of operation.
   5.04.160   New business license fee—When payable.
   5.04.170   Penalty for failure to pay license fee when due.
   5.04.180   Failure to procure license.
   5.04.190   Term of license.
   5.04.200   Duplicate licenses.
   5.04.210   Nontransferability of licenses.
   5.04.220   Display of licenses.
   5.04.230   Identification symbol—Affixing, altering, tampering, or changing.
   5.04.240   Application--Generally.
   5.04.250   Conditions of application.
   5.04.260   Sworn statements by applicants.
   5.04.270   Extension of time for filing—Compromise of claims.
   5.04.280   Renewal of licenses.
   5.04.290   Statements not conclusive—Information confidential.
   5.04.300   Failure to file statement or corrected statement.
   5.04.310   Enforcement of chapter—Right of entry.
   5.04.320   Penalty for violation.
   5.04.330   Continuing violations.
   5.04.335   Revocation of business license.
   5.04.340   Appeals from denial, suspension or revocation of business license or permit.
   5.04.350   Fees a debt to city—Actions for collection of fees.
   5.04.360   Remedies cumulative.
   5.04.370   Establishment of business categories.
   5.04.380   Fixed license fees—Coin- operated machines—Charges.