16.04.080: SUBMISSION:
If the Community and Economic Development Director or designee requires a subdivision concept review, the subdivider shall provide the following items:
   A.   The proposed name of the subdivision;
   B.   A vicinity plan showing significant natural and manmade features or existing structures on the site and within five hundred feet (500') of any portion of it; the property boundaries of the proposed subdivision; the names of adjacent property owners; topographic contours at no greater interval than two feet (2'); north arrow; and scale of the drawing;
   C.   A proposed lot and street layout;
   D.   Availability of utilities as evidenced by letters from the utility companies;
   E.   A description of those portions of the property which are included in the most recent flood insurance rate maps prepared by FEMA;
   F.   The total acreage of the entire tract proposed for subdivision;
   G.   Proposed changes to existing zoning district boundaries or zoning classifications or conditional use permits, if any.
(Ord. 19-24 § 2: Ord. 94-40 § 1: prior code § 30-08)