A.   Terms: Any division of real property located within the City is subject to the terms of this title. The division of real property includes any sale, gift, transfer, conveyances, split or other division that results in changing the boundaries or legal description of a given parcel of real property.
   B.   Unlawful Subdivision: It is unlawful to transfer, sell, convey, give or assign any subdivided property before a final subdivision plat for the property to be transferred, sold, conveyed, gifted or assigned is approved and recorded pursuant to the requirements of this title and applicable state law.
      1.   A parcel of real property is subdivided when it is divided into two (2) or more parts for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of sale or building development;
      2.   Any developer desiring to develop property that has been subdivided illegally must comply with the requirements of this title before developing the property, regardless of whether the developer was the illegal subdivider.
   C.   City Approval Of Modifications: It is unlawful to amend, vacate, alter or modify any plat which has already been approved and/or recorded, without first receiving city approval of the amended, vacated, altered or modified plat.
(Ord. 19-24 § 2: Ord. 94-40 § 1: prior code § 30-03)