16.04.010: PURPOSES:
   A.   The purposes of this title are:
      1.   To promote the health, safety and general welfare of the residents of the City;
      2.   To ensure the efficient and orderly development of land within the City;
      3.   To prevent the uncontrolled division and development of real property, which may be done without considering the rights and best interests of adjoining property owners and the City as a whole;
      4.   To avoid poorly planned developments that:
         a.   Do not comply with the City general plan or ordinances,
         b.   Cannot be adequately served by existing utilities or public services,
         c.   May prove to be dangerous or unsafe,
         d.   May cause an undue burden on existing traffic or transportation services, or
         e.   May require the future expenditure of public funds to correct problems caused by the development;
      5.   To provide design standards for public improvements, facilities and utilities, to provide for reasonable accesses to public rights of way, to provide for the dedication of land and streets deemed necessary for the proper development of the subdivision, and to provide for easements or rights of way that are necessary to service the property.
   B.   This title is designed to inform the subdivision developer and the public of the requirements for obtaining subdivision plat approval. Because each parcel of real property has unique site/situation characteristics, there may be some aspects of subdivision development that cannot easily be articulated. For this reason, it is not possible to cover every possible contingency. Therefore, the City Engineer, Planning Commission, and Community and Economic Development Director have the authority to impose reasonable conditions upon a subdivider in addition to those expressly required, provided that:
      1.   The conditions are not arbitrary or capricious;
      2.   The conditions do not conflict with any applicable law.
(Ord. 19-24 § 2: Ord. 94-40 § 1: prior code § 30-01)