For purposes of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply:
ACCOUNT HOLDER: A person, corporation, partnership, or other entity which has agreed with the city to pay for receipt of residential utility service and to which the city provides service.
APPLICANT: A person, corporation, partnership, or other entity which applies to the city for residential utility service.
BUDGET BILLING: Monthly residential payment plan under which the customer's estimated annual billing is divided into twelve (12) equal monthly payments.
CITY UTILITY: The various departments of the city that provide water, sewer and electric service to a residence.
CURRENT LIMITER: Device which is placed at the meter location of a residence, which automatically interrupts electric service when the electrical load in the residence causes the current to exceed the limit of the device. (Service is restored when the customer decreases usage and the presses the reset button on the device.)
DEFERRED PAYMENT AGREEMENT: An agreement to receive or to continue to receive residential utility service pursuant to section 13.04.050 of this chapter and to pay an outstanding debt or delinquent account owed to the city.
DELINQUENT ACCOUNT: A residential service bill which has remained unpaid beyond the statement due date.
MOBILE HOMES: Mobile units which are not less than four hundred (400) square feet of floor space; are a minimum of fourteen feet by seventy feet (14' x 70') in outside dimensions; have permanent water and waste hookups; and have no wheels.
MOBILE HOMES - PARK MODEL: Means and includes units which are a minimum dimension of ten feet by forty feet (10' x 40'); have rigid water and waste hookups with no waste holding tanks.
NEW POWER ACCOUNT: A new customer initially signing up for electric service or an existing customer initiating new electric service at a different location.
RESIDENCE: Any building unit occupied by any person or persons, and used as the person's domicile. "Residence" shall also include mobile homes. A mobile home owner may rent the land (space) in which the unit is located and qualify as "owner". The term "mobile home" shall not include motor homes, trailers or similar recreational or nonpermanent living units.
RESIDENTIAL UTILITY SERVICE: Water, sewer, and/or electric service provided by the city to a residence.
TERMINATION OF SERVICE: The terms "termination", "disconnection", and "shutoff" as used in this chapter are synonymous and mean the stopping of service for whatever cause. (Ord. 02-13 § 5: Ord. 94-20 § 1: Ord. 91-43 § 1: prior code § 10-55.2)