A.   It is unlawful for any person to erect, build, maintain or use any scaffold, ladder or staging over or upon any street or sidewalk for the purpose of cleaning, repairing or remodeling any building or other structure or for the purpose of erecting, painting, cleaning, repairing or servicing of any awning, canopy or sign or for any other purpose without first obtaining from the Public Works Director a permit for the occupation and use of such street or sidewalk for such purpose, for such periods of time and under such limitations and regulations as may be required. The permit may be revoked if the holder fails to comply with any provision of this Code or other City ordinance, rule or regulation under which it is granted, or when, in the opinion of the Public Works Director, public convenience and safety require such revocation. When, in the opinion of the Public Works Director, the welfare and convenience of the public will be best served, a continuing permit, revocable as provided in this section may be issued for the sole purpose of cleaning and servicing awnings and signs.
   B.   Approval to erect equipment pursuant to this section may be subject to a requirement that the permittee provide a bond or public liability insurance, in an amount to be determined by the Public Works Director, written to benefit the City and any person injured by the failure of the permittee to comply with any condition imposed by the City or any other duty imposed by law.
   C.   The fee for a permit under this section shall be in an amount as determined by the Mayor in a written policy, to cover the actual costs of the City.
   D.   The provisions of this section shall not apply to any public utility operating under a franchise from the City while engaged in the construction, operation, maintenance, servicing or removal of streetlights, lamps, standards and equipment erected or used for the lighting of any street or alley. (Ord. 18-06: Ord. 17-30)