A.   Every alarm company providing monitoring shall:
      1.   Visually verify every alarm signal, except a duress, holdup alarm, or panic activation, or as provided in subsection B of this section, before requesting a law enforcement response to an alarm system signal;
      2.   Report alarm signals in a form and to telephone numbers designated by the Chief of Police;
      3.   Communicate cancellations to the City in a manner and form determined by the Chief of Police;
      4.   Maintain, for at least one year following a request for an alarm dispatch, records relating to the dispatch, including the name, address and telephone number of the alarm user; the alarm system zones or points activated; the time of request for dispatch; and evidence of verification;
      5.   Make the records in subsection A4 of this section available to the Chief of Police upon request; and
      6.   Not use incorrect, misleading or unverified information or terminology or withhold information to facilitate an alarm dispatch.
   B.   The City's Chief of Police shall establish a written policy that provides for limited response without verification by the alarm company to a broadcast by the Valley Emergency Communications Center (VECC) of an activated alarm based on several factors including location of the alarm, content of the premises, availability of units and the discretion of the Shift Commander. (Ord. 17-25)