A.   Every alarm company providing installation shall:
      1.   Provide written and oral instructions to each of its alarm users in the proper use and operation of their alarm systems. Instructions shall specifically include instructions necessary to turn the alarm system on and off and to avoid false alarms;
      2.   Remove any one plus duress alarm capability from any alarm system when a takeover or conversion occurs or if an alarm user requests an alarm system inspection or modification pursuant to this chapter;
      3.   Use only alarm control panel(s) which meet SIA Control Panel Standard CP-01 on new installations;
      4.   Review with the alarm user, after installing an alarm system, a false alarm prevention checklist approved by the Chief of Police.
   B.   No alarm company providing installation shall:
      1.   Program alarm systems capable of sending one plus duress alarms;
      2.   Install a device to activate a holdup alarm, which is a single action, nonrecessed button; and
      3.   Use automatic voice dialers. (Ord. 17-25)