A.   A monthly charge for general solid waste management services provided to residences other than residences in the Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling District shall be in accordance with the following rate schedule. The monthly rates shall go into effect on July 1, 2019, and July 1 each year thereafter. Every residence shall at minimum pay the monthly base fee except where power, water, sewer and waste management services to the residence are properly terminated.
July 1, 2019 To June 30, 2020
July 1, 2020 To June 30, 2021
Base fee (garbage)
Base fee (recycling)
Additional refuse or recycling container fee
   B.   If a residence wants more than two (2) automated refuse containers or one automated recycling container, the residence must submit a written request to the City's Public Works Director, or designee, stating with specificity the reasons supporting the need. The determination to provide additional automated refuse containers or additional recycling containers to a residence shall be made at the sole discretion of the City's Public Works Director, or designee.
   C.   The fee for each reservation of the green waste trailer shall be forty dollars ($40.00).
   D.   The fee for reservation of each neighborhood roll-off box shall be as determined by the City's Public Works Director provided, however, that in no event shall the fee exceed the City's actual costs to: 1) deliver and pick up the neighborhood roll-off box; and 2) dispose of the contents. (Ord. 19-15: Ord. 18-06: Ord. 16-01)