As used in this title:
ANIMAL AT LARGE: Any domesticated animal not under restraint as defined in this section and required by this title.
ANIMAL BOARDING ESTABLISHMENT: Any establishment that, for a fee, takes in animals for boarding.
ANIMAL FOSTER PROVIDER: A person that accepts responsibility for stewardship of an animal (dog or cat) that is the obligation of an animal shelter. Proof to operate as an animal foster provider through the affiliation with an animal shelter shall be issued through the animal shelter.
ANIMAL GROOMING PARLOR: Any establishment maintained for the purpose of offering, for a fee, cosmetic services for animals.
ANIMAL SHELTER: A facility owned or operated by a governmental entity or any animal welfare organization that is incorporated within the State of Utah and used for the care and custody of seized, stray, homeless, quarantined, abandoned or unwanted dogs, cats or other small domestic animals.
ANIMAL UNDER RESTRAINT: Any animal under the control of its owner or person having charge, care, custody or control. An animal shall not be considered under control of the owner unless it is on a leash or lead, confined within a vehicle, or sufficiently restrained within the real property limits of the owner. An animal shall not be considered under restraint within the real property limits of the owner if an individual engaged in normal and expected activity may come in contact with such animal on the owner's property, unless there is adequate protection to ensure the individual's safety and warning is given of the presence of such animal.
ATTACK: Any attempted biting or other action by an animal which places a person or another animal in danger of imminent bodily harm. Actual physical contact is not required to constitute an attack.
BITE: Any injury to a person, another animal or property inflicted by the teeth of any animal.
CAT: Any age feline of the domesticated types.
CATTERY: An establishment for boarding, breeding, buying, grooming or selling cats.
DOG: Any Canis familiaris over four (4) months of age. Any Canis familiaris under four (4) months of age is a puppy.
DOMESTICATED ANIMALS: Animals accustomed to living in or about the habitation of a person, including, but not limited to, cats, dogs, certain fowl, horses, swine and goats, but does not include feral cats living in a "feral cat colony" as defined in this section.
EAR TIP: The horizontal removal of a very small portion of one (1) ear of a feral cat, while under anesthesia, to indicate that the feral cat has been spayed or neutered.
FERAL CAT: Any homeless, unowned, wild or untamed free roaming cat.
FERAL CAT COLONY: A group of free roaming feral cats living or growing together under the general care of a feral cat custodian.
FERAL CAT CUSTODIAN: Any individual having possession of, harboring, caring for or exercising control over any feral cat(s), and who is participating in the City's trap, neuter and return program.
FERRET: Mustelafuro, or the domestic European ferret.
GUARD DOG: Any dog provided for the protection of property and people.
HOLDING FACILITY: Any pet shop, kennel, cattery, groomery, riding school, stable, animal shelter, veterinary hospital, humane establishment, or any other such facility used for holding animals.
KENNEL: An establishment having three (3) or more dogs for the purpose of boarding, breeding, buying, grooming, letting for hire, training for fee, or selling.
LEASH OR LEAD: Any chain, rope or similar device used to restrain an animal.
OWNER: Any person having title to, an ownership interest in, custody of, or a person that keeps, maintains, or possesses one (1) or more animals. For the purpose of this section, "owner" does not include a feral cat custodian.
PET: A domesticated animal kept for pleasure rather than utility, including, but not limited to, certain birds, cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, mice and other animals associated with the human environment.
PET SHOP: Any establishment containing cages or similar enclosures, or exhibiting pets, not part of a kennel or cattery, wherein dogs, cats, birds or other pets are kept or displayed for sale.
QUARANTINE: That isolation of an animal in a substantial enclosure so that the animal is not subject to contact with other animals or unauthorized persons.
RETIRED SERVICE ANIMAL: A dog that at one time was a service animal for the current owner, and no longer provides service animal services for the owner because of the dog's age or other factors limiting the dog's service capacity.
RIDING SCHOOL OR STABLE: An establishment which offers boarding and/or riding instruction for any horse, pony, donkey, mule or burro or which offers such animals for hire.
SERVICE ANIMAL: A police service canine, more specifically meaning a dog that is used by a law enforcement agency, is specially trained or is in training for law enforcement work, and assists a law enforcement agency in the performance of law enforcement duties.
STRAY: Any "animal at large" as defined in this section.
   A.   An animal with a known propensity, tendency or disposition to attack unprovoked, to cause injury to, or otherwise threaten the safety of persons or domestic animals;
   B.   An animal which because of its size, physical nature, or aggressive and vicious propensity is capable of inflicting serious physical harm or death to persons and which would constitute a danger to human life, safety or property if it were not kept in the manner required by this title;
   C.   An animal which, without provocation, attacks or bites, or has attacked or bitten, a person or domestic animal; or
   D.   An animal owned or harbored primarily or in part for the purpose of fighting, or an animal trained for fighting.
VOLUNTARILY RELINQUISH: To give over possession of an animal, intending never again to claim it and includes, without limitation, that instance where an owner, having received an impound notice for the animal, fails or refuses to claim the animal.
WILD ANIMAL: Any animal of a species that in its natural life is wild or undomesticated. Such animals, even if attempted or alleged to be domesticated, include, but are not limited to:
   A.   Alligators and crocodiles;
   B.   Bears (Ursidae). Comprised of all bears, including without limitation grizzly bears, brown bears, black bears, etc.;
   C.   Cat family (Felidae). Comprised of all felines except commonly accepted domesticated cats; including without limitation cheetahs, cougars, leopards, lions, lynxes, panthers, mountain lions, tigers, wildcats, etc.;
   D.   Dog family (Canidae). Comprised of all canines except domesticated dogs; including without limitation wolves, foxes, coyotes, dingos, etc.;
   E.   Porcupines (Erethizontidae);
   F.   Primates (Hominidae). Comprised of all subhuman primates;
   G.   Raccoons (Procyonidae). Comprised of all raccoons, including eastern raccoons, desert raccoons, ringtailed cats, etc.;
   H.   Skunks;
   I.   Venomous fish and piranha; venomous and restrictor snakes;
   J.   Weasels (Mustelidae) including martens, wolverines, ferrets (excluding domestic European ferrets), badgers, otters, ermine, mink, mongooses, etc., except that persons raising members of this family as a business for pelts shall not be prohibited by this title.
(Ord. 20-28: Ord. 17-15)