(A)   The storage of consumer fireworks, display fireworks, or theatrical pyrotechnic devices, at retail, wholesale, storage, or manufacturing facilities shall be reported in writing to the Murray Fire Chief and Fire Marshal.
      (1)   The report shall be completed by the owner or lessee of the property or the supplier of the fireworks, and shall include the address of the facility, the location of the fireworks to be stored, a copy of the shipping bill, and whether they are consumer fireworks, theatrical pyrotechnic devices, or display fireworks.
      (2)   The initial report shall be submitted 15 days before storage begins for new businesses.  The report for permanent business establishments open year round shall be updated annually and upon a change in location of the stored items.
   (B)   Seasonal retailers, as defined in KRS 227.715, shall submit, at least 15 days prior to opening for sale each year, a report to the Murray Fire Chief and Fire Marshal identifying:
      (1)   The address where the sales will be taking place;
      (2)   The address where the fireworks will be stored; and
      (3)   A description of how the fireworks will be stored. Only one report is due if the seasonal retailer stores the same product at the same location for both the June 10 through July 7 and December 26 through January 4 seasons.
   (C)   Failure to submit a report required under this section shall be cause to cease and desist operation of the facility or site until such time as the required information is properly submitted. 
   (D)   Sites at which fireworks are to be stored shall pass a fire inspection conducted by the Murray Fire Marshal's office prior to storing fireworks at the site.  Each site shall be assessed a separate inspection fee in accordance with § 96.02(C).
(Ord. 2012-1574, passed 5-10-12)  Penalty, see § 92.99