General Provisions
   117.001   Title
   117.002   Purpose
   117.003   Definitions
   117.004   Scope of coverage
   117.005   Adoptions of Alcoholic Beverage Control Law
License Requirements
   117.015   City licenses
   117.016   Supplemental bar licenses
   117.017   Nonquota retail malt beverage package license
   117.018   Expiration of license; proration of fees
   117.019   Payment of license fees; delinquency
   117.020   Refund of fees
   117.021   Regulatory license fee
   117.022   Disposition of fees and any other type of payment to the city
City Alcoholic Beverage Control Administrator
   117.030   Alcoholic Beverage Control Administrator
Application and Maintenance of License
   117.040   Advertisement
   117.041   Form of application
   117.042   Other conditions
   117.043   Denial of licenses
   117.044   Form of license
   117.045   Change of information
   117.046   Renewal of license
   117.047   Lost or destroyed license
   117.048   Revocation or suspension
   117.049   Proceedings for revocation or suspension of license
   117.050   Appeals
   117.051   Transfer or assignment
   117.052   Review of license; books, records and reports
   117.053   Dormancy
Hours of Sale
   117.060   Hours of sale
Conditions, Prohibitions and Restrictions
   117.070   Gambling
   117.071   Prevention of disorderly premises; security
   117.072   Prizes and premiums prohibited
   117.073   Treating prohibited
   117.074   Intoxicated persons, drunkenness
   117.075   Underage sales
   117.076   Sign requirements; notice to persons under the age of twenty-one (21)
   117.077   License to be displayed
   117.078   Legal transactions for wholesalers, distributers and retail
   117.079   Employment restrictions
   117.080   Lavatory facilities required
   117.081   Nudity and adult entertainment activities prohibited
   117.082   Cause for revocation
   117.090   Minors
Consumption on Premises Prohibited
   117.100   Consumption at package store prohibited
   117.110   Enforcement
Mandatory Responsible Beverage Service Training
   117.120   Mandatory responsible beverage service training
Signs and Advertising
   117.130   Signs and advertising
Sidewalk Café Permit
   117.140   Sidewalk café permit
   117.141   Conditions for sidewalk café permit
   117.142   Other requirements applicable to sidewalk cafes
Implementation of Ordinance Provisions; Severability
   117.150   Implementation of changes in ordinance provisions
   117.151   Severability
   117.999   Penalties