Title, Purpose And Intent   I
Administration And Enforcement   II
General Provisions   III
Nonconforming Buildings, Structures And Uses   IV
Planned Unit Development   V
Zoning Districts   VI
C-R Conservation Recreation District   VII
R-X Single-Family Residence District   VIII
R-1 Single-Family Residence District   IX
R-A Single-Family Residence District   X
R-2 Attached Single-Family Residence District   XI
R-3 Low-Density Residence District   XII
R-4 Multi-Family Residence District   XIII
R-5 Senior Citizen Residence District
(Rep. by Ord. 5751, 8-4-2009)   XIV
B-1 Business Office District   XV
B-2 Neighborhood Shopping District   XVI
B-3 Community Shopping District   XVII
B-4 Corridor Commercial District   XVIII
B-5 Central Commercial District And B-5C
Core Central Commercial District   XIX
I-1 Limited Industrial District   XXI
I-2 Railroad District   XXIA
I-3 Solid Waste Handling District   XXIB
Off Street Parking And Loading   XXII
Landscape Requirements   XXIII
Definitions   XXIV
Appendix Of Illustrations   XXV