Definitions   I
Obedience To And Effect Of Traffic Laws   II
Traffic Signs, Signals And Markings   III
Accidents   IV
Driving While Intoxicated, Transporting Alcoholic Liquor And Reckless Driving   V
Speed Restrictions   VI
Driving On Right Side Of Roadway; Overtaking And Passing, Etc.   VII
Turning And Starting And Signals On Stopping And Turning   VIII
Right Of Way   IX
Pedestrian's Rights And Duties   X
Motorcycles   XI
Special Stops Required   XII
Stopping, Standing And Parking   XIII
Miscellaneous Laws   XIV
Equipment Of Vehicles   XV
Bicycles   XVI
Weight And Load   XVII
Abandoned, Lost, Stolen Or Unclaimed Vehicles   XVIII
Construction, Penalties And Disposition Of Fines   XIX
Appendix   XX



1. Unless reference is made to an amending ordinance at the end of each section, subsection or paragraph contained in this Chapter 18, said provisions are deemed to be from Ordinance 2609, passed February 17, 1976.