(A)   Encroachment permit required.
      (1)   Before performing repairs, excavation or construction or any similar work in any public right-of-way, public easement or on any public property, an encroachment permit (hereinafter referred to as "permit") shall be obtained from the Town of Mount Pleasant Transportation Department, except in those instances otherwise provided for in this chapter.
      (2)   A permit shall not be required for minor repairs or regular maintenance activities.
      (3)   A permit shall not be required for maintenance and repair of residential driveways that tie into existing street curb and gutter and that do not require modifications of the same.
   (B)   Prior approval required for street cut. The installation or repair of utilities that require the cutting of street pavement shall be allowed only with prior approval of the town.
      (1)   No new or resurfaced street or road shall be cut within five years from its completion.
      (2)   Provision of new services may be considered for exceptions.
      (3)   Exceptions must be approved by the Director of Transportation.
      (4)   In compliance with § 158.09, bonafide emergency utility repairs may be made as required.
      (5)   Once approval has been given, no person, firm, or corporation shall cut or dig in the town for the purpose of connecting with water, sewer, gas, or other mains or pipes in the streets, or for any other purpose by digging or cutting more than halfway across such street until the half which has been cut or dug up shall have been backfilled or plated over with street traffic plates so that one half of the passageway of the street shall always remain open and free for the uninterrupted passage of traffic.
      (6)   Traffic plates shall be used when restoring the pavement cut to allow traffic movement during the period of time when the flowable fill concrete is curing to the point where the complete street surface can be restored.
      (7)   Where a request is made to cut the pavement, the following minimum information shall be furnished:
         (a)   Statement of the requirement for a cut in the pavement.
         (b)   Detail of cut for acceptable backfill or flowable fill concrete as per SCDOT/town requirements.
         (c)   Length of time trench is to remain open. Trench shall be steel-plated while open.
         (d)   Traffic detour plans and procedures for handling traffic during construction. See requirements of § 158.07.
         (e)   Written notification to Mount Pleasant Police Department and the Town Roadway Inspector a minimum of three business days prior to commencement of work.
   (C)   Submittals required for new construction.
      (1)   For new construction, an applicant shall submit two sets of project construction plans at the time of filing an application for a permit.
      (2)   Plans will not be required for routine maintenance and service installation.
   (D)   Construction plans to be reviewed in timely manner.
      (1)   The construction plans shall be reviewed in a timely manner and a permit issued only after the plans and subsequent revisions are determined acceptable to the town.
      (2)   The utility owner shall be solely responsible for the engineering and design of its project, and the integration of its maintenance and construction responsibilities.
   (E)   Road and lane closure plans.
      (1)   A road closure plan, detour plan, and/or lane closure plan is required for any work that requires a road to be closed or detoured, or a lane to be closed.
      (2)   Notice of plan shall be given to the town's Communications Officer, in writing, a minimum of three business days prior to commencement of work.
      (3)   A copy of the plan must be submitted as part of the permit application.
   (F)   Requirements to be met before work can commence. Except in the case of emergencies as defined in § 158.09, no work shall commence until the permittee has:
      (1)   Obtained a utility location request number from Palmetto Utility Protection Service;
      (2)   Met the minimum three business day notice requirement; and
      (3)   Met all state requirements.
   (G)   Permit with conditions.
      (1)   In order to expedite the issuance of a permit, a permit may be issued with conditions on construction and work hours initialed on the face of the permit in lieu of requiring revisions in the plans.
      (2)   Upon issuance of the permit, one set of construction plans marked "approved" will be returned to the utility.
   (H)   Fee.
      (1)   The fee for a permit for work performed under this chapter shall be paid in accordance with the Transportation Department fee schedule. The fee includes permit review, revisions to permit review, inspection of ongoing work and final inspection.
      (2)   If the work for which a permit has been issued is canceled, the town will refund the amount paid, if requested prior to beginning of any work and no later than the date on which the permit expires.
      (3)   Waiver of permit fee.
         (a)   The town may waive the permit fee for all work performed by a governmental agency or utility company, whether this work is performed by employees of a governmental agency or by a private firm or corporation under contract with the governmental agency.
         (b)   However, such governmental agency, utility company, private firm or corporation under contract therewith shall not be relieved of the responsibility for obtaining a permit for work covered in this chapter.
   (I)   Additional requirements.
      (1)   All permits shall be kept at the place of excavation while the work is being done, and exhibited whenever called for by any person having an authority to examine such permits.
      (2)   There shall be no more than one half the width of any street or alley opened or obstructed at any one time.
      (3)   Tunneling shall not be allowed and no authorized underground construction shall be injured or interfered with.
      (4)   All portions of the place excavated shall be put in as good condition as before the excavation was made.
(Ord. 16049, passed 7-27-16)