(A)   In all districts, except detached single family residential districts, including those located within Planned Development Districts, emphasis shall be placed upon landscaping as a means of enhancing the character, value, and attractiveness of both development and surrounding properties.
   (B)   To this end, landscaping will be required for all new developments or buildings and for any renovation of an existing building meeting the requirements of §§ 156.130et seq.
   (C)   General landscaping criteria are as follows:
      (1)   Integral design.  Landscape design and planning shall be integrated with the overall project design and environs, and shall not be considered merely as an afterthought.
      (2)   Natural landscape. The natural landscape character shall be preserved in every reasonable instance; specifically, trees measuring eight inches or larger in diameter DBH, shall not be felled except where authorized under the provisions of §§ 156.220et seq.
      (3)   Included in landscape.  In applying landscaping to complement natural conditions, factors to be included in the integral design of development projects include:  trees, plantings, all vegetative cover and ornamentation, paving, pedestrian benches, fountains, fences, mailboxes, shopping cart return stalls, lighting fixtures, and all the items of exterior furniture.
      (4)   Landscaping maintenance.
         (a)   The owner, occupant, tenant, and the respective agent of each, if any, shall be jointly and severally responsible for the maintenance of all landscaping.
         (b)   Landscaping shall be maintained in a good condition so as to present a healthy, neat, and orderly appearance at least equal to the original development, and shall be kept free of refuse, with dead vegetation promptly replaced.
         (c)   All landscaping materials shall be guaranteed by the owner of the premises.
         (d)   Courtesy inspections may be coordinated by town staff to ensure proper maintenance.
         (e)   Any pruning or maintenance that significantly limits a plant's ability to obtain its natural form and fulfill the intent of the general landscaping and bufferyard requirements will result in the issuance of a citation and/or the possible replacement of damaged material with replacement equal to or greater than the damaged material.
      (5)   Certificate of occupancy. All landscaping and planting designated on the site plans required for granting the building permit shall be installed in accordance with specified height, spread, density, and quality, before a certificate of occupancy is granted.
      (6)   Commercial Design Review Overlay District.  In areas of Commercial Design Review Overlay District purview, no alteration of existing landscaping treatments will be allowed without prior approval through the Design Review Process, as provided in § 156.310.
      (7)   ANSI standards.  In all cases, any vegetation planted in accordance with this section shall meet or exceed the latest version of ANSI Z 60.1 American National Standard for Nursery Stock.
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