(A)   Off-street loading area required.
      (1)   Areas suitable for loading and unloading motor vehicles in off-street locations, and specifically designated for this purpose, shall hereafter be required at the time of the initial construction or alteration or conversion of any building or structure used, or arranged to be used, for commercial, industrial, governmental, or multi-family residential purposes.
      (2)   Such off-street loading areas shall have access to a public alley or street, and shall not be included in the parking requirements.
   (B)   Adequacy of loading area.
      (1)   All uses, whether specified in this chapter or not, shall provide off-street loading areas sufficient for their requirements.
      (2)   Such space shall be adequate so that no vehicle being loaded or unloaded in connection with normal operations shall stand in, or project into, a public street, walk, alley, or way.
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