(A)   Location of required parking spaces.
      (1)   All parking spaces required herein shall be located on the same lot with the principal building or use or uses served or in other areas as provided in this division.
      (2)   On-street parking may be allowed as provided in Planned Development District ordinances or zoning overlay districts, as applicable.
      (3)   Off-site parking.
         (a)   In cases where the required parking space is not located on the same lot as the principal use or as allowed in the public right-of-way, the owner of the lot on which the off-site parking is located must relinquish, through a covenant agreement with the town, their development rights over the property, until such time as parking space is provided elsewhere or on the same premises as the principal use or uses.
         (b)   The off-site parking area shall be no more than 600 feet from the entrance of the principal use, as measured along the street right-of- way.
         (c)   The off-site parking spaces may not be separated from the use(s) served by a street right-of-way greater than 80 feet in width.
   (B)   Mixed uses/joint uses.
      (1)   For more than one principal or accessory use or uses, the parking spaces required shall equal the sum of the requirements of the various uses computed separately, unless a detailed parking study based upon Urban Land Institute (ULI) standards is submitted to, and approved by, the Zoning Administrator or designee.
      (2)   Parking for mixed or joint uses must be available on an equal basis for all users; provided however, that shared parking spaces provided pursuant to a ULI parking study may be restricted to specific users during certain hours.
      (3)   Recorded cross-easements may be required for shared parking.
   (C)   Change in use, alteration of use, or extension of use. Off-street parking spaces shall be provided in accordance with these regulations whenever a building or use is changed, altered, or enlarged in floor area, or other manner that generates the need for additional parking.
   (D)   Requirements for uses not specifically listed. The parking space requirements for a use not listed in § 156.171 shall be determined by warrant. In such cases, a private parking study, Urban Land Institute standards, or other appropriate standards shall be used to justify the proposed number of parking spaces, subject to staff or Design Review Board approval, as applicable. Such justification shall be included on all plans submitted to the town for approval.
   (E)   Fractional computations. Where fractional spaces result, the parking spaces required shall be construed to be the next highest whole number.
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