The following signs are hereby expressly prohibited, unless specifically otherwise allowed.
   (A)   Off-premises signs. Off-premises signs are prohibited, except as provided herein.
   (B)   Signs that move.  Signs or portions of signs that move by any means, or signs that give the appearance of movement in any manner, except for flags as described herein.
   (C)   Signs on parked vehicles.
      (1)   Signs placed on, painted on, or affixed to vehicles and/or trailers or other conveyances that are parked on a public right-of-way, or on private property so as to be visible from a public right-of- way, and where the apparent purpose is to advertise a product or business, or direct people to a business or activity located on the same or nearby property. Such factors as amount of time parked in one location, vehicle registration, location of parked vehicle in relation to availability of alternative parking spaces available on-site and the like may be utilized in making this determination.
      (2)   This does not prohibit identification signs painted on or affixed to vehicles and trailers, such as small lettering on motor vehicles, where the sign is incidental to the primary use of the vehicle or trailer.
   (D)   Any sign that emits a sound, odor, or visible matter such as smoke or vapor.
   (E)   Any sign or sign structure that obstructs the view of, or may be confused with, a traffic/directional safety sign.
   (F)   Any sign painted on or affixed to trees or other natural features, utility poles, benches or other street furniture such as waste receptacles, bike racks, drinking fountains, public telephones, and the like.
   (G)   Any sign located on any land subject to periodic inundation by tidal saltwater.
   (H)   A sign towed behind a vehicle, watercraft, or aircraft.
   (I)   Any sign exhibiting statements, words, or pictures that are of an obscene or pornographic nature.
   (J)   Abandoned or dilapidated signs.
   (K)   Any sign that is portable or not securely affixed to a building or to the ground.
   (L)   Inflatable signs or balloons of any type.
   (M)   Banners, flags (except as specifically permitted herein), pennants, streamers, balloons and other gas-filled figures.
   (N)   Marquees, electronic marquees and/or electronic readerboards. However, electronic readerboards with the primary purpose of interactive use by a customer are not prohibited. Interactive use shall mean use by a business customer to place orders, submit payments or utilize a service. Examples of interactive uses include, but are not limited to, automatic teller machines, fast food restaurant menus, and fuel station pumps.
   (O)   Portable signs, except as specifically permitted herein.
   (P)   Notwithstanding any other provisions of this chapter, electronic digital or analog signs of any size or location, in which the display or advertising material may change periodically, are prohibited.
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