(A)   Off-premises signs are allowed only in the LI, Light Industrial District.
   (B)   In this district, one off-premises sign may be allowed per lot, provided it meets the following requirements:
      (1)   Separation of off-premises signs shall be at least 1,000 feet, measured along any street or thoroughfare from any other off-premises sign or on- premises sign.
      (2)   Off-premises signs, 35 square feet or less, are allowed less than 1,000 feet apart from other off-premises or on-premises signs, if they are on a separate legally recorded lot.
      (3)   Setback of off-premises signs shall be at least 20 feet, measured from the pavement edge of the nearest road surface.
      (4)   Height and area of off-premises signs shall not exceed 20 feet above the roadbed toward which the advertising is directed, nor exceed 150 square feet of advertising surface on one side.
(Ord. 02024, passed 6-11-02; Am. Ord. 11006, passed 2-8-11; Am. Ord. 14047, passed 8-12-14) Penalty, see § 156.034