(A)   Access drives.
      (1)   Except in residential zones, one-way access drives shall not be closer than 75 feet to another access drive, as measured from the centerline of each access drive intersection with a street right-of- way line.
      (2)   Two-way access drives shall not be closer than 150 feet from another access drive, as measured from the centerline of each access drive intersection with a street right-of-way line.
      (3)   The above provisions shall also apply to private streets, access ways and portions of parking lots that function as streets or thoroughfares.
      (4)   Access drives in any zone shall generally be located at least 50 feet from any street intersection, as measured from the point of tangent of the street intersection to the centerline of the access drive.
   (B)   No fence, wall, shrubbery, or other obstruction to travel vision shall be permitted.
   (C)   Pedestrian access.
      (1)   New developments, subdivisions, and renovations. For all new developments and subdivisions and any renovations meeting the requirements of § 156.130 et seq., appropriate pedestrian access shall be provided, either through the construction of concrete sidewalks or pedestrian path/bikeway systems, or a combination of both.
      (2)   Table of pedestrian access requirements.  Requirements for pedestrian access shall be in accordance with the provisions as shown in the following table:
Land Use/Road Classification
Minimum Requirement
Commercial and industrial (new streets)
Sidewalk both sides
Commercial and industrial (new development on existing street)
Sidewalk one side if specified on Road Improvement/Transpor tation Plan
Major arterial
Sidewalk both sides
Residential collector (including boulevards, parkways, and spine roads)
Sidewalk one side on streets having direct access to lots
Pedestrian path/bikeway on one side may be direct access to lots with Planning Commission approval
Local residential streets
  -    Greater than 3.0 units per acre
Sidewalk both sides
  -   Between 3.0 and 1.01 units per acre
Sidewalk one side
  -    Less than or equal to 1.0 units per acre
Pedestrian path/bikeway
  -   Between neighborhoods, commercial developments, schools, parks, community areas and the like
Whenever possible, a pedestrian access path, bike trail, or crosswalk shall be provided between existing and proposed new subdivisions and other pedestrian-oriented destinations
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