(A)   Form and procedures.  Every proposed town ordinance shall be introduced in writing and in the form required for final adoption. (See §§ 30.50  and 30.51). All ordinances shall be read two times on two separate days with at least six days between each reading.
      (B)   First reading.  The first reading of a town ordinance shall be for information and no amendments shall then be in order. Ordinances shall be read by ordinance number only.
      (C)   Second reading.  The second reading of an ordinance shall be by ordinance number only, and shall be for the purpose of passing the same to have the full force of law. Amendments and privileged motions are appropriate at this time and shall be made prior to second reading.
      (D)   Signing, sealing, and delivering.  After  an ordinance shall have received its second reading, it shall be signed by the Mayor and Clerk of Council, affixed with the seal of the municipality of the town and placed in the Town’s Book of Ordinances by the Clerk of Council.
(‘81 Code, § 30.35) (Am. Ord. passed 5-9-89; Am. Ord. 94003, passed 2-8-94; Am. Ord. 01002, passed 1-31-01; Am. Ord. 19016, passed 4-9-19)