(A)   Every proposed ordinance in the town shall be introduced in writing and in the form required for final adoption which shall include:
      (1)   A title briefly describing the content;
      (2)   Findings, reasons or basis for the ordinance if desired and appropriate;
      (3)   An enacting clause;
      (4)   Citation of any ordinance repealed;
      (5)   The provisions of the ordinance including section numbers if the ordinance is to be codified or amends an existing codified ordinance;
      (6)   The effective date of the ordinance;
      (7)   The approval of the Town Attorney as to form and the assignment of an ordinance number;
      (8)   Space for the signature of the Mayor or presiding member of Council and the attesting signature of the Clerk of Council and the date of adoption.
   (B)   Written resolutions shall be in such similar form as deemed appropriate by the Town Attorney.
('81 Code, § 30.39) (Ord. 93021, passed 5-11-93)