(A)   An ordinance may be proposed by any member of Town Council, the Town Administrator, or the head of any department of the town with the approval of the Town Administrator. A proposed ordinance shall be referred to the Town Attorney for the assignment of an ordinance number and approval as to form. The Town Attorney shall render assistance in the preparation of notices and ordinances. After an ordinance is in proper form and required notices have been given, the Town Attorney shall send the ordinance to the Clerk of Council to be held for public inspection with a copy to the Town Administrator who shall place it on a regular agenda or special agenda as appropriate. An ordinance shall be deemed to be introduced when it appears on an agenda for a public meeting of Council and its title is read.
   (B)   Notwithstanding the stated, Town Council by majority vote may initiate any ordinance at a Town Council meeting and conduct first reading thereof at that time, upon a finding of the same being in the best interests of the town.
('81 Code, § 30.41) (Ord. 93021, passed 5-11-93; Am. Ord. 03035, passed 7-8-03)