Except as hereinafter specified, the lawful use of a building or premises existing at the time of the adoption or amendment of this Zoning Code may be continued, although such use, building or structure does not conform to the provisions of this Zoning Code for the district in which it is located.
   (a)   The nonconforming use of a building may be extended throughout those existing parts of the building which were arranged or designed for such use.
   (b)   All uses nonconforming at the time of the adoption of this section by reason of noncompliance with Section 1155.02 (Performance standards), if not otherwise stipulated by the Board, shall conform therewith within the time limit specified in Section 1155.02(b)(3).
   (c)   Abandonment. A nonconforming use which is discontinued for a continuous period of six months, where the intent of the owner to discontinue the use is obvious, shall not again be used except in conformity with the regulations of the district in which it is located.
   (d)   Zoning Certificate. A Zoning Certificate shall be required for all lawful nonconforming uses of land and building created by adoption of this chapter in accordance with the provisions of Section 1135.02 (Zoning Certificate Required).
(Ord. 1130. Passed 2-1-88; Ord. 1584. Passed 9-17-07.)