It shall be unlawful for an owner to use or to permit the use of any structure, building or land, or part thereof, hereafter created, erected, changed, converted or enlarged, wholly or partly, until a Zoning Certificate shall have been issued by the Zoning Inspector. The Zoning Certificate requirement shall not include interior remodeling if the type of use is not changed and shall not include exterior upkeep and maintenance.
   (a)   When a Zoning Certificate is Required. A Zoning Certificate shall be required for any of the following:
      (1)   Construction or structural alteration of any building, including accessory buildings.
      (2)   Change in use of an existing building or accessory building to a use of a different classification.
      (3)   Occupancy and use of vacant land, including excavation.
      (4)   Change in the use of land to a use of a different classification.
      (5)   Any change in the use of a nonconforming use.
      (6)   All lawful nonconforming uses of land or buildings created by adoption of this chapter or any amendments.
      (7)   When a Special Flood Hazard Development permit is required pursuant to Section 1319.11. When applicable, the requirements for a Zoning Certificate shall include the requirements to satisfy Chapter 1319 (Flood Damage Prevention) for a Special Flood Hazard Development permit.
(Ord. 1130. Passed 2-1-88; Ord. 1584. Passed 9-17-07.)