(a)   Purpose of S-1 Special Use District. The S-1 Special District is to be applied to areas which are to contain large public or semi-public holdings, areas suitable for noncommercial recreation, areas subject to periodic flooding, or to preserve or to create areas with specific functional residential needs. These specific functional needs shall include:
      (1)   Public and institutional activities which can, by orderly location and arrangement of facilities, be more efficient, more accessible to the public, and can promote higher quality of visual and functional design.
      (2)   Residential areas designed for special population groups or housing types. Flexibility in design to create a sound living environment in districts containing multiple family housing, condominium housing, housing for the elderly, public housing, and the like, is encouraged. Institutional and public services may be incorporated into the district.
      (3)   Residential planned areas whose individual activities can be designed to relate functionally to each other, to provide adequate parking and circulation to provide adequate points of ingress and egress while protecting adjacent activities from adverse effects of the district.
   (b)   Purpose of A-1 Agriculture District. The A-1 District shall apply to land which is level or gently rolling and is best reserved for agricultural and other rural purposes.
(Ord. 1584. Passed 9-17-07.)