(A)   Any person engaged in the installation or repair of an onsite sewage system shall obtain an installer’s license from the County Health Department.
      (1)   The person must complete an application.
      (2)   Submit to a written open book examination given by the County Health Department, which will cover state and local regulations governing OSS, and receive a score of 70% or greater. A person who participated in IOWPA’s training and testing and successfully passed his or her certification test will not be required to submit to a written examination given by the County Health Department if documentation of the IOWPA certification is furnished to the County Health Department.
      (3)   If the person fails the examination, the person may re-apply for an installers license and examination no earlier than one month following the previous examination date.
   (B)   Once the criteria in divisions (A)(1) through (A)(3) above are met, the applicant shall pay a set fee for such license as found in the County Health Department fee schedule ordinance, which is codified in § 31.02.
      (1)   Such license shall be valid for three years, and is non-transferable. The license shall bear the name and address of the company, the name of the licensee and the expiration date.
      (2)   The licensee shall maintain in his or her possession, during the installation of onsite sewage systems, a copy of the permit, a copy of the installer’s license and a copy of the septic design approved by the County Health Department.
      (3)   A homeowner that wishes to install an onsite sewage system on his or her own property must submit to an examination, which will cover state and local regulations of OSS.
   (C)   The County Health Officer or the County Environmental Health Specialist may remove the name of any person from the list of county registered installers who have demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to comply with all County Health Department and/or all State Department of Health rules, regulations and ordinances. The County Health Officer or a County Environmental Health Specialist must first give such person written notice of his or her  intention to take such action, and the reason(s) for such action. The affected person has a right to a hearing before the County Health Officer or a County Environmental Health Specialist if the person makes written request to the County Health Officer within ten days of receipt of the notice. The person may appeal an adverse decision to the County Health Board by sending written notice of appeal to the County Health Officer within ten days of receipt of the Health Officer’s decision. All notices, whether by the Health Officer, the Environmental Health Specialist or the affected person, must be delivered in person or sent by certified mail, return receipt requested. In all cases, a receipt must be obtained that indicates the date and to whom the notice was delivered.
   (D)   Once removed, such person may not engage in the installation, construction or repair of any sewage disposal system or equipment in the county until such person complies with the requirements of this division. Said person must also satisfactorily demonstrate his or her ability and willingness to comply with these regulations and post a surety bond with the County Board of Health, with the surety acceptable by said Board, in the penal sum of not less than $5,000. This bond must be in favor of the County Board of Health conditioned upon the registrant’s faithful compliance with this subchapter and with the rules and regulations which may be established periodically by the County Board of Health relating to the installation of sewage disposal devices or equipment.
(Ord. 4-3-3.2, passed 4-2-2012)