(A)   This subchapter repeals County Health Department Ordinances 1979-4 and 4-3-3.1.
   (B)   This subchapter regulates the location, installation, construction, maintenance and replacement of all residential and commercial onsite sewage systems in the county and provides for the administration and enforcement of the provisions contained herein, and fixes penalties for violation.
   (C)   This subchapter shall be known and may be cited as the “County Onsite Sewage System Ordinance”.
   (D)   The general purpose of this chapter is to promote the public health, safety and welfare and to further the following related specific objectives:
      (1)   To preserve and improve the environmental quality of the county;
      (2)   To minimize and eliminate contamination of ground and surface water resources; and
      (3)   To control the utilization of private onsite sewage systems based on the limitations of the site for such use as determined by a soil profile analysis based on the criteria set forth by the Natural Resource Conservation Service.
(Ord. 4-3-3.2, passed 4-2-2012)