The following words and phrases when used in this Chapter 1363 shall mean the following:
   (a)   "Rental Dwelling" means a dwelling, as defined in Section 1123.03(b)(30) of the Codified Ordinances, where either of the following conditions exist:
      (1)   Consideration in the form of money or other valuable consideration is being paid for occupying such units; or
      (2)   A person other than the fee simple owner of the property or his/her family as defined herein is occupying such unit, whether or not such person is paying consideration.
A rental dwelling shall be subject to the requirements of this Chapter regardless of the duration of the rental of the dwelling. 
   (b)   "Family" means one (1) or more persons occupying a dwelling unit and living as a single housekeeping unit, provided that unless all members are related by blood, marriage, adoption, guardianship, or are foster children, no such family shall contain over four (4) unrelated persons.
   (c)   "Owner" means an owner of the freehold of the premises or any lesser estate therein, a mortgagee, a vendee-in-possession, assignee of rents, receiver, executor, trustee, lessee, agent or any other person, firm or corporation that is in control of a rental dwelling.
   (d)   "Premises" means the land and buildings.
      (Ord.  2019-44.  Passed 8-14-19.)