Sign and Billboard Regulations
   (EDITOR'S NOTE: This chapter is in the process of being amended or has recently been amended. Please check with the Building Department for the most current regulation.)
1183.01   Intent.
1183.03   Definitions.
1183.05   Application of sign regulations.
1183.07   Retail Business District and conditional use signage.
1183.09   Signs in residential districts.
1183.11   Temporary signs.
1183.13   Illumination of signs.
1183.15   Prohibited types of signs.
1183.17   Design guidelines.
1183.19   Sign construction and maintenance standards.
1183.21   Non-conforming signs; removal or repair.
1183.23   Administrative provisions.
1183.99   Penalty.
Building Code regulations - see BLDG. Ch. 1325