Areas within the setback and all other portions of the lot not covered by permitted structures or impervious surfaces shall be landscaped with grass, trees, shrubbery and/or other appropriate ground cover or landscaping material, which at all times shall be maintained in good and healthy condition.
   (a)   Installation.  
      (1)   Each tree at the time of installation shall have a minimum caliper of 2.5 inches and a clear trunk height of at least six (6) feet, unless otherwise specified.
      (2)   When this Chapter permits a small tree, such tree shall have a minimum caliper of two (2) inches and a clear trunk height of at least five (5) feet at the time of installation, unless otherwise specified.
      (3)   Shrubs shall be no less than twenty-four (24) inches in height. In cases of spreading varieties of shrubs, the twenty-four (24) inch height figure shall mean branch spread, unless otherwise specified.
      (4)   If the installation of plantings is not completed in a planting season and/or prior to occupancy, a Temporary Certificate of Zoning Compliance may be issued pursuant to sub-section 1129.05 (d)(3).
   (b)   Planting Arrangement. Trees and shrubs shall be arranged to create varied and attractive views and plant material should provide a variety of color displayed throughout the year.
   (c)   Parking. Vehicle parking shall not be permitted in landscaped areas.
   (d)   Pedestrian Movement. Materials shall not be placed where they will prevent pedestrian movement unless so planted for that or similar purpose.
   (e)   Damage to Public Works. In no case shall any plant material interfere with or cause damage to underground utility lines, public roadways/streets, or other public works.
   (f)   Maintenance. The owner of landscaping required by this Code shall maintain such landscaping in good condition so as to present a healthy, neat and orderly appearance, free from refuse and debris. No plant material required by this Planning and Zoning Code shall be removed for any reason unless replaced with like kind and size as required by the approved plan. If landscaping is to be removed and not replaced as shown on the approved plan, a revised landscape plan shall be submitted to the Planning Commission for review and approval per Chapter 1127.
(Ord. 2012-21. Passed 7-11-12.)