(a)   The provisions of this Chapter shall apply to:
      (1)   All new development on vacant land that requires the submission of a development plan and issuance of a Zoning Certificate or building permit. The required landscaping shall be so indicated on plans submitted as part of the applicable application.
      (2)   The entire site of existing development when substantial expansion or alteration is conducted and one of the following criteria exists. An alteration or expansion of an existing property is substantial when:
         A.   The expansion of an existing building exceeds twenty-five percent (25%) of the gross floor area of the existing building;
         B.   The expansion of the vehicular use area exceeds twenty-five percent (25%) of the total existing vehicular use area; or,
         C.   The land area of the development site is increased by twenty percent (20%) or more.
      (3)   The portion of a developed site devoted to the expansion or alteration of an existing building, structure or vehicular use area when such site is not governed by subsection 1175.03(a)(2) above. The minimum landscaping and screening required by this Chapter shall be provided to the extent of the alteration or expansion, but not for the entire property of which the alteration or expansion is a part.
   (b)   Single-family detached dwellings shall be exempt from the requirements of this Chapter, except that all areas not devoted to buildings, drives, and decorative landscape features shall be planted with trees, shrubs, grass, ground cover, or other live landscape treatment.
   (c)   The requirements of this Chapter are minimum landscaping requirements, and nothing herein shall preclude a developer and the Village from agreeing to more extensive landscaping. (Ord. 2012-21. Passed 7-11-12.)