1159.01  PURPOSE.
   The purpose of this Chapter 1159 is to authorize the Village Council and Planning Commission to approve one or more Planned Developments within the boundaries of the specific area of the Village described in Section 1159.03(a) below. Included within the purpose of this Chapter are the following:
   (a)   To implement the goals, policies, and strategies of the Village Comprehensive Land Use Plan by allowing a limited mix of dwelling types in a carefully designed, high quality residential environment in this specific area. Planned development was recommended in the master plan for this specific area of the Village.
   (b)   To encourage development of this specific area of the Village - which is unique in terms of location, accessibility, proximity to public facilities and commercial services, and limited impact on other parts of the Village - in a manner which generates maximum benefit for the community in terms of housing opportunities, development value, and tax revenues.
   (c)   To encourage residential development which responds to the needs and interests of Village residents seeking alternative residential opportunities within the Village while maintaining the predominant large lot residential character of the community.
   (d)   To permit a potential dwelling unit density of up to approximately four (4.0) units per acre based on the residential and open space portions of the Planned Development consistent with the unique conditions in this area of the Village, in consideration of the potential for community benefits which may accrue from such development, and subject to the more stringent requirements for common open space, architectural control, buffering of abutting uses and other requirements imposed upon a Planned Development by this Chapter and through the specified review and approval process.
   (e)   To permit and encourage a creative and cohesive plan of residential development under more flexible guidelines than applicable to conventional residential subdivisions.
   (f)   To establish planned development standards which both protect the established development pattern, value and function of the community and surrounding properties and make it possible to pursue the other objectives set forth in this Chapter.
   (g)   To require a more detailed process of review, including public hearings, as appropriate for consideration of plans reflecting this unique development concept.
   (h)   To encourage the efficient use of land by facilitating economical and suitable arrangements for buildings, streets, utilities and other land use features.
   (i)   To encourage the utilization of open space and the development of recreational amenities appropriate for and easily accessible to all dwellings in the development.
   (j)   To require and facilitate preservation of existing natural assets and site features and minimize alteration of environmentally sensitive areas, including, but not limited to, steep slopes, wetlands, riparian corridors, ravines, significant stands of trees, and individual trees of significant size.
      (Ord. 2016-19.  Passed 7-13-16.)