(a)   Off-street parking areas shall conform to the regulations of Chapter 1179 and to the parking requirements set forth below:
      (1)   Schedule 1155.11  Minimum Parking Setbacks.  Off-street parking shall be located in compliance with the minimum setbacks, measured from the street right-of-way or property line, as specified below unless otherwise noted.  The area within the parking setbacks shall remain unobstructed by structures except as otherwise permitted in this Code.  (Ord. 2012-21.  Passed 7-11-12.)
Schedule 1155.11
Minimum Parking Setbacks
U-3 Townhouse District
(1)   Minimum Setback from Street ROW
30 feet
(2)   Setback from Side and Rear Lot lines
10 feet
      (2)   The area within the parking setback shall be landscaped in accordance with Chapter 1175, Landscaping and Screening Regulations.
      (3)   Off-street parking spaces shall be provided in compliance with Chapter 1179, Off-Street Parking Regulations.
   (b)   Driveways shall be constructed in accordance with standards established by the Village Engineer and the standards set forth in Section1179.13(a) of these Codified Ordinances, “Grading and Pavement”.  (Ord. 2017-16.  Passed 5-10-17.)