All driveways and parking facilities shall be constructed in accordance with standards established by the Village Engineer and the following:
   (a)   Grading and Pavement.  Parking facilities and access driveways shall be so graded and drained so as to dispose of all surface water and drainage so that such surface water and drainage shall not be allowed to flow onto adjacent properties including the right-of-way or remain standing in said driveways or parking facilities.  No driveway shall exceed a maximum gradient of ten percent (10%).  All parking facilities and driveways improved or constructed shall be bituminous or Portland cement pavement, pavers, embossed concrete, porous pavement, Grasscrete (or other pervious paving system), or another approved pavement material in accordance with standards established by the Village and approved by the Village Engineer and the Planning Commission.
      (Ord. 2017-16.  Passed 5-10-17.)
   (b)   Illumination in Parking Facilities.  All lighting used to illuminate such parking facilities shall comply with the requirements in Section 1171.09, Outdoor Lighting Regulations, and be so arranged as to direct the light away from adjoining properties or streets, and no open light sources such as the stringing of light bulbs shall be permitted.
   (c)   Marking.  Any off-street parking facility for five (5) or more off-street parking spaces shall indicate the location of each parking space, the location of spaces for persons with disabilities, and the location and direction or movement along the aisles and access drives providing access thereto by painting upon the surface, by raised directional signs, or by markers or other similar measures placed in the surface. 
   (d)   Maintenance.  All parking facilities shall be maintained in a manner to keep it as free as practicable from rubbish, paper and other loose particles, and snow and ice shall be promptly removed.  All signs, markers or any other methods used to indicate direction of traffic movement and location of off-street parking spaces shall be maintained in a neat and legible condition.  Any walls, trees and shrubbery, as well as surfacing of the parking lot, shall be maintained in good condition throughout its use for parking purposes.  It shall be the responsibility of the property owner to maintain and repair parking lots as may be necessary, in the opinion of the Village, so as to provide a surface free of excess dust that is in good condition, properly drained, and free of obstructions and nuisances in accordance with the requirements of this Chapter.
   (e)   All required off-street parking spaces shall have direct access to an aisle or driveway without the need to move any other vehicle, except as otherwise specifically permitted in this Chapter.
   (f)   Adequate bumper guards shall be required to establish the limits of the parking area, except at exits and entrances. Such guards shall be located so that no part of a parked vehicle shall project into that portion of a required setback in which off-street parking is prohibited.
   (g)   Parking in Designated Areas Only.  Any vehicle customarily or seasonally parked on any lot shall be so parked only in parking areas specifically constructed for such purposes, and shall not be parked on tree lawns, sidewalks, lawns or other areas required by this Code to be landscaped.
      (Ord. 2012-21.  Passed 7-11-12.)
   (h)   Access drives.  The location and width of entrance and exit driveways to parking facilities shall be planned to interfere as little as possible with the use of nearby property and with pedestrian and vehicular traffic on the nearest streets.  Adequate sight distance to intersections shall be provided to allow for the safety of the vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the main thoroughfare and the access drive.  Entrances and exits shall be limited to three (3) lanes.  The width of such entrances and exits, measured at the setback line, shall conform to the following Schedule 1179.13:
Schedule 1179.13
Access Drive
Width (Feet)
Number of Lanes
(Ord. 2016-29.  Passed 9-15-16.)