Section 1.01. Name And Boundaries. The city of Moorhead, Clay County, Minnesota, is and will continue to be a municipal corporation with the boundaries existing on July 16, 1995 or as later modified in accordance with law. (Ord. 95-1, 4-17-1995, eff. 7-17-1995)
   Section 1.02.   Powers Of The City.The city has all powers that it is now or hereafter possible for a municipal corporation in the state of Minnesota to exercise in harmony with the constitutions of the state of Minnesota and of the United States. It is the intention of this charter to confer upon the city every lawful power that the city would have if the power were specifically mentioned. This charter is to be construed liberally in favor of the city. The specific mention of particular powers in this charter does not limit the powers of the city to those mentioned or limit the generality of the powers conferred by this section. (Ord. 95-1, 4-17-1995, eff. 7-17-1995)
   Section 1.03.   Other Laws.The city may not exercise a power conferred by law on statutory cities only unless that power is specifically granted by this charter. (Ord. 95-1, 4-17-1995, eff. 7-17-1995)