Section 13.01.   Official publication.At its first meeting in each year, the council must designate one or more legal newspapers of general circulation in the city as its official newspaper, ordinances and other matters required by law or this charter to be published and other matters that the council deems necessary are published in the official newspaper.
   Section 13.02.   Oath of office.Elected officers of the city and a city officer so required by law or pursuant to this charter must before taking office, take and subscribe to an oath of office in the form required by law.
   Section 13.03.   Official bonds.Before assuming office or employment, the city manager, the city clerk and other officers of the city required by law or ordinance must give a corporate surety bond to the city as security for the faithful performance of duties and the safekeeping of public funds. The bond must be in the form and amount fixed by the council and may be either an individual or blanket bond. The bond must be approved by the council, approved as to form by the city attorney and filed with the clerk. The premium on the bond is paid by the city. (Ord. 95-1, 4-17-1995, eff. 7-17-1995)
   Section 13.04.   Official Interest In Contracts.Except as otherwise permitted by law, an officer of the city who is authorized to take part in any matter in a contract with the city may not voluntarily have a personal financial interest in or personally benefit from the contract. (Ord. 95-1, 4-17-1995, eff. 7-17-1995)
   Section 13.05.   Sale Of Real Property.The city shall advertise all real property available for disposal at least once per year. If a property has not been advertised for sale within the prior twelve months, the city may not dispose of the property without first publishing an advertisement for sale of that property once in the official newspaper of the city at least 14 days prior to its disposal. If real property has been used for municipal purposes, the city may not dispose of that property without first holding a public hearing on the disposal following one published notice of the hearing at least ten days prior to the disposal. In all cases, the disposal of real property must be approved by a resolution passed by the city council. (Ord. 2004-22, 9-20-2004)
   Section 13.06.   Vacation Of Streets.The council may by resolution and in accordance with law vacate a street, alley, public grounds, public way, or part thereof, in the city. The vacation may be made after 14 days' published notice and 10 days' mailed notice to affected property owners of a public hearing before the council or planning commission on the matter. Failure to give mailed notice or any defect in the notices does not invalidate the proceedings. The clerk must give a notice of completion of the vacation proceedings with the appropriate county officer. Failure to file the notice does not invalidate the proceeding. (Ord. 2004-23, 8-2-2004)
   Section 13.07.   Effect Of Charter Revision.This charter is effective on July 17, 1995, and is a revision and comprehensive amendment to the charter of the city as it existed on July 16, 1995. Nothing in this charter is to be construed to modify, abrogate or abridge (a) the rights, duties, liabilities, privileges or immunities of the city, (b) the ordinances and resolutions of the city, (c) pending or completed condemnation, improvement or assessment proceedings, or (d) the qualifications or terms of office of city officers as they existed on July 16, 1995, except as otherwise specifically provided in this charter. This charter is not to be construed to affect, modify or repeal any special law of the state applicable to the city. (Ord. 95-1, 4-17-1995, eff. 7-17-1995)
   Section 13.08.   Charter Commission Membership.Current members of the Moorhead city council cannot serve as members of the Moorhead charter commission. (Ord. 2006-24, 1-2-2007)
   We, the undersigned, being the duly appointed, qualified and acting members of the Charter Commission in and for the City of Moorhead, Clay County, Minnesota, hereby certify that the foregoing document consisting of chapters 1 through 13, inclusive, is the draft of a proposed charter prepared and framed by said Commission, and hereby affix our signatures to said draft in testimony of our approval thereof, and deliver the same to the Honorable Morris Lanning, Mayor of said City, as the chief magistrate or executive thereof, for action pursuant to law.
Dated at Moorhead, Minnesota, this 6th day of February, 1995.
The foregoing is a draft of a proposed Charter and certificate in connection therewith, dated this 6th day of February, 1995.
         Morris L. Lanning, Mayor
         City of Moorhead
         Clay County, Minnesota