The City Council may impose emergency regulations pertaining to the conservation of water by resolution of the Council and by giving notice by publication or by posting in City Hall and at the public places as the Council may direct.
   (A)   Lawn and garden watering regulations.
      (1)   Purpose. The city has limited water storage and pumping capacity. Due to the fast growth in residential developments, this section will promote a higher awareness of the primary use of water in the summer lawn and garden irrigation, and regulate the watering of lawns, gardens, grass seed, and sod.
      (2)   Odd/even schedule. A home or business address ending in an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) may water its lawn on odd numbered calendar days each month and an address ending in an even number (0, 2, 4, 6, 8) may water its lawn on even-numbered calendar days. The only deviations to the odd/even watering system are apartment complexes and homeowner associations that have been assigned odd or even watering days because of the numerous addresses on one sprinkling system. For these complexes and associations, the address of the bill for sprinkling water shall be used to determine odd or even. The odd/even schedule is in effect from June 1 through September 30 of each year until further notice. This may be deleted or modified when the city completes construction of additional wells and water towers to improve pumping and storage capabilities.
      (3)   Permit required. A 30-day permit may be obtained at City Hall to water newly seeded or sodded lawns and newly planted trees.
      (4)   Rain sensors. Rain sensors are required on all commercial, institutional, or governmental sprinkler systems. All newly installed sprinkling systems from the date of publication of this subchapter, including residential, will be required to have rain sensors.
      (5)   Private wells. Restrictions of this section do not apply to property serviced by private wells, provided the sprinkling water is pumped from a private well. Residents, commercial, institutional, or governmental entities with private wells are required to notify City Hall that they have a well used for watering purposes.
   (B)   Additional restrictions. In the case of a severe shortage of water, the City Administrator and/or Public Works Director are authorized to impose additional restrictions to provide for the safe operation of the municipal water supply. The notice shall be posted at all city offices on the city’s website, and in the official newspaper. The Mayor and City Council shall be notified of the restrictions as soon as possible.
(Prior Code, § 7-2-17)  (Ord. 379, passed 6-10-2002)  Penalty, see § 50.99