(A)   General submission requirements. The final plat shall be submitted within one year from the date of the approval of the preliminary plat unless the Planning Commission extends the period of approval. All information contained on the approved preliminary plat must also appear on such submitted final plat.
      (1)   A filing fee is to be submitted along with the application.
      (2)   The final plat, legibly drawn in waterproof ink and in standard 18" x 24" size of cloth, mylar or similar durable reproducible material and twelve black line or blue line prints shall accompany the application for final plat approval. The final plat shall be at a scale of 100 feet or less to the inch.
      (3)   All plats shall conform to the minimum standards for plats and surveys passed by the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors. If the regulations herein conflict with such standards, the more restrictive provision shall apply.
   (B)   Specific information required.
      (1)   A vicinity sketch at a scale of 200 feet or greater detail to the inch.
      (2)   All plat boundary lines with lengths of courses to hundredths of a foot and bearings to half minutes; these boundaries to be determined by an accurate survey in the field which shall be balanced and closed with an error of closures not to exceed 1 to 10,000. A copy of the closure calculations shall be submitted with the final plat.
      (3)   The exact location and width along the property line of all existing recorded streets intersecting or paralleling the boundaries of the tract.
      (4)   Bearings and distances to nearest established street bounds, established survey lines, or other official monuments, which monuments shall be located or accurately described on the plat. Any established survey or corporation lines shall be accurately monument-marked and located on the plat, and their names shall be located on them.
      (5)   The accurate location and material of all permanent reference monuments.
      (6)   The exact layout of the following:
         (a)   Street alley lines; their names, bearings and widths, including widths along the line of any obliquely intersecting street.
         (b)   The lengths of all arcs-radii, points of curvature and tangent bearings.
         (c)   All easements, existing or proposed, both public and private, delineated with limitation of the easements rights definitely stated on the plat.
         (d)   All lot lines with dimensions in feet and hundredths and with bearings to half minutes if other than right angles to the street and alley lines.
      (7)   Lots and blocks in numerical order.
      (8)   Municipal, township, county or section lines if located within or adjacent to the tract to be subdivided, accurately tied to the lines of the subdivision by distances and bearings.
      (9)   The accurate outlines with dimensions and legal description, when necessary, of all property which is offered for dedication for public use, and of all property that may be reserved by covenant in the deeds for the common use of the property owners in the subdivision, with the purpose indicated thereon.
      (10)   In case the subdivision is traversed by a watercourse, channel, stream or creek, show the prior or present location of such watercourse, channel, stream or creek. The boundary of flood way and/or floodway fringe area shall be shown, if applicable.
      (11)   Setback building lines as fixed by the applicable Zoning Ordinance and any other setback lines or street lines established by public authority, and those stipulated in the deed restriction.
      (12)   Private restrictions, if any:
         (a)   Boundaries of each type of use restrictions.
         (b)   Other private restrictions for each definitely restricted section of the subdivision.
      (13)   Name of the subdivision and name or number of the largest subdivision or tract of which the tract now subdivided forms a part.
      (14)   Names and locations of adjoining subdivisions and location and ownership of adjoining unsubdivided property.
      (15)   Names and addresses of the owner of record, the subdivider, and of the engineer or surveyor. In the case the owner is a corporation, the principal officers shall be listed.
      (16)   North-point, numerical scale and date.
      (17)   The following statements shall be affixed as applicable to the subdivision plat in addition to any additional notes pertinent to the particular subdivision. The numbering of paragraphs, as below, is not necessary.
         (a)   The undersigned, being owners of ___ acres of land in Section ____, Town _____, Range _____, City of Montgomery, Hamilton County, Ohio and also being known as part lot(s) #-    , in said City, do hereby dedicate to the public forever, in accordance with the laws in such cases made and provided, the streets and roadways as shown on said plat, certifying the same to be free and unencumbered.
         (b)   Utility easements are provided on this plat and designated as such. No improvement or impediment of any kind shall be made on said utility easement which will interfere with access to the said utility. The City of Montgomery, and/or the Utility Company shall not be responsible to any present or future owner(s) of said lot for any damages done on said easement to sod, shrubbery, or other improvements natural or artificial by reason of entry for purposes of constructing, maintaining, replacing or repairing the utility. The erection or placement of any structure and planting or placement of any trees on said utility easement shall also be prohibited.
Private drainage easements are provided on this plat and designated as such. The City of Montgomery does not accept private drainage easements shown on this plat and the City of Montgomery is not obligated to maintain or repair any channels or installations in said easement. The easement area of each lot and all improvements in it shall be maintained continuously by the owner of the lot. Within these easements, no structure, planting or other material shall be placed or permitted to remain which may obstruct, retard or change the direction of the flow of the water through the drainage channel in the easement.
         (c)   The lots are numbered from ______ to ______  inclusive.
Note: If the protective covenants are to be filed with the plat, the above statement shall further state: "and shall be subject to the protective covenants and restrictive provisions as set forth in deed book _____, page _____ of the Hamilton County, Ohio records."
         (d)   All public improvements included as part of this subdivision shall be constructed and designed in accordance with the current requirements of the "Design, Construction and Material Specification Handbook for Montgomery, Ohio" and all other applicable ordinances adopted by the City of Montgomery.
      (18)   The plat shall also include the signature of the owners or their authorized agent and a notarization of their signatures with the following suggested format:
"In witness thereof we have hereunto set our hand this ________ day of ________, 20__.
______________________________      Signed    ______________________________
______________________________            ______________________________
Be it known, that on this _____ day of _____, 20__, before me a Notary Public in and for the State aforesaid, personally came ____________________, who then and here did acknowledge the signing of the foregoing instrument to be his voluntary act and deed for the uses and purposes therein mentioned.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my notarial seal on the day and year aforesaid."
______________________________            _______________________________
My Commission expires               Notary Public
                        State of Ohio
         (a)   A statement by a registered land surveyor:
I hereby certify that the accompanying plat is the correct return of a survey made by me for _______________ subdivision, that all monuments have been set, and Subdivision Regulations of the City of Montgomery, Ohio has been complied with to the best of my knowledge.
Reg. Surveyor No.  _____ in Ohio
         (b)   The acceptance of the plat will  be provided for by including the following statement:
"Approved by the  Planning Commission, City of Montgomery, Ohio, this _____ day of_____, 20__.
         (c)   Provisions for acknowledging the transfer and recording the plat shall be provided for by the following:
"Entered for transfer __________, 20__
Transferred ____________, 20__
Auditor, Hamilton County, Ohio
by _______________ Deputy
Filed for record
_________________ at ____________
Recorded ________________________ 20__
Plat Book _________________________
Page ___________________________
Recorder, Hamilton County, Ohio
by  ____________________ Deputy
File ________________  Fee ______________
      (19)   A certificate of title for the platted property from an attorney licensed to practice in the state showing ownership and any encumbrances on the platted property.
      (20)   A plat of land of the dedicators in conformance with R.C. § 711.02.
      (21)   Any mortgagee holding a mortgage on the property shall sign the plat signifying his or its consent to the plat and any dedication of lands to public use in the plat.
   (C)   Procedure for approved final plat. Upon receiving approval and having the final plat signed by the chairman of the Planning Commission, the applicant shall furnish the Development Director three reproducible copies of the approved plat and twelve black line or blue line prints of the approved final plat. These copies shall then be utilized by the Development Director for recording the plat with the County Recorder.