(A)   General submission requirements. The preliminary plat shall be prepared in accordance with the provisions stated herein. An application for preliminary plat approval must be submitted with the preliminary plat. A filing fee is to be submitted with the application.
      (1)   Twelve black line prints along with a reproducible copy prepared by a registered professional surveyor of the preliminary plat of the proposed subdivision shall accompany an application in writing to the Planning Commission for tentative approval of the subdivision.
      (2)   Construction drawings, sedimentation plans and drainage plans shall be approved by the City's Engineer, Development Director and Planning Commission before any construction begins.
      (3)   The preliminary plat shall show all existing subdivisions and the street and tract lines or acreage parcels of land, together with the names of record owners of such parcels immediately adjoining the proposed subdivisions and between it and the nearest existing highways or thoroughfares. It shall also show the streets and alleys in neighboring subdivisions or unplatted property to produce the most advantageous development of the entire neighborhood.
      (4)   The horizontal scale of the preliminary plat shall be 100 feet or less to the inch.
   (B)   Specific information required. The preliminary plat shall clearly show the following features and information:
      (1)   A vicinity map at a scale of 200 feet or greater detail to the inch shall be included on the plat showing all existing subdivisions, roads, and tract lines and the nearest existing thoroughfares. It shall also show the most advantageous connections between roads in the proposed subdivision and those in the neighboring areas.
      (2)   The proposed name of the subdivision which shall not duplicate or closely approximate the name of any other subdivision in the county.
      (3)   The tract designation according to real estate records of the County Records.
      (4)   The names and addresses of the owner of record, the subdivider and the surveyor who prepared the plat. In the case where the owner of record is a corporation, the principal officers shall be listed.
      (5)   The names of adjacent subdivisions and the names of recorded owners of adjacent parcels of unplatted land.
      (6)   The boundary lines, accurate in scale, of the tract to be subdivided and the approximate acreage of the tract.
      (7)   The location, widths and names of all existing or platted streets or other public ways within or immediately adjacent to the tracts, and other important features, such as railroad and utility rights of way, public open spaces, existing permanent buildings and structures, large trees, watercourses, section and corporation lines, etc. The boundary of any floodway and/or floodway fringe area must be shown.
      (8)   The following information concerning utilities and drainage shall be included on the preliminary plat:
         (a)   Existing sewers, water lines, culverts, and other underground structures and power transmission poles and lines within and adjacent to the tract with sizes shown.
         (b)   Approximate location of proposed water and sanitary sewer lines, showing their connection with the existing system.
         (c)   Approximate location of storm sewer pipes, catch basins and retention/detention area.
         (d)   Calculation of retention/ detention volume as required in the "Design, Construction and Material Specification Handbook".
      (9)   Existing contours at an interval of not greater than two feet.
      (10)   The layout, proposed names and widths of proposed streets, alleys, and easements. The layout, numbers and approximate dimensions of proposed lots. Proposed street names shall not duplicate or closely approximate any existing street names in the county, except for extensions of existing streets.
      (11)   Existing zoning of the tract and adjacent areas, including zoning boundary lines, if any; proposed uses of property and proposed front yard setback lines.
      (12)   All parcels of land intended to be dedicated or temporarily reserved for public use, or to be reserved in the deeds for public use, or to be reserved in the deed for the common use of property owners in the subdivision, with the purpose, conditions or limitations of such reservation indicated.
      (13)   North-point, scale and date.
      (14)   Proposed deed restrictions and Homeowners Association Rules and Restrictions shall be submitted with the preliminary plat.