(A)   Required Street Frontage. All zoning lots shall front on a dedicated public street. All lots created as a result of lot splits or subdivisions shall have frontage on a dedicated street in the amount required in this Code.
   (B)   Required Yard and Open Space Maintained. The required yards surrounding an existing principal building, which have been counted or calculated as part of a side yard, rear yard, front yard, or other open space required by this Zoning Code shall not, by reason of change in ownership or otherwise, be counted or calculated to satisfy the yard or other open space requirement for any other principal building, nor shall any area occupied by a street right-of-way be included as part of the minimum yard and open space requirements or lot area requirements.
   (C)   Required Lot Area To Be Maintained. A parcel of land may be subdivided into two or more lots provided any lot resulting from such division is located in only one district and shall conform to the lot area and lot width requirements in this Code. A nonconforming lot of record that is owned separately from adjoining lots on the effective date of this Zoning Code or as amended which affected its conformity shall not be reduced in any manner that would increase its nonconforming situation.
(Ord. 5-2005, passed 3-23-05)