8.04   Health Code
      8.08   Residential Solid Waste, Green Waste and Recyclable Materials Collection
      8.09   Waste Management Plan
      8.10   Collection and/or Disposal of Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste and Recyclable Materials
      8.11   Exclusive Franchise for the Collection of Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste from Old Town Monrovia
      8.12   Property Maintenance; Nuisances
      8.13   Shopping Cart Containment, Retrieval and Abatement
      8.14   Fire Hazards Relating to Vegetation and Other Conditions or Activities
      8.16   Weeds and Rubbish
      8.20   Removal of Graffiti from Private Property
      8.24   Fireworks
      8.28   Smoking
      8.32   Vending Goods or Distributing Handbills on Streets, Parking Lots, or Private Property
      8.34   Solicitations of Employment, Business or Contributions within the Public Right-of-Way and within Commercial Parking Lots
      8.36   Wax Containers
      8.40   Hazardous Materials Release Response
      8.44   Plastic Carryout Bags