8.12.010   Purposes and Intent.
Part 1:  Definitions and Prohibitions
   8.12.020   Definitions.
   8.12.030   Public Nuisances Prohibited.
   8.12.040   Penalty.
Part 2:  Administrative Procedures for Abatement of Nuisances
   8.12.050   Abatement of Public Nuisances.
   8.12.060   Continuing Obligation of Responsible Persons to Abate a Public Nuisance.
   8.12.070   Procedures for the City to Establish the Right to Enter Private Real Property to Abate a Public Nuisance.
   8.12.080   Additional Requirements for Demolition of Buildings or Structures.
   8.12.090   Service of Notice of Abatement.
   8.12.100   Right of Appeal From a Notice of Abatement.
   8.12.110   Sample Notice of Abatement.
   8.12.120   Consequence for an Untimely Appeal.
   8.12.130   Abatement by Responsible Person Prior to Hearing.
   8.12.140   Review by Hearing Officer.
   8.12.150   Decision of Hearing Officer; Order of Abatement.
   8.12.160   Abatement of Nuisance by Responsible Persons Prior to City Abatement Actions.
   8.12.170   Emergency Action to Abate an Imminent Hazard.
   8.12.180   Combination of Notices.
   8.12.190   Establishment of Costs of Abatement.
   8.12.200   Collection of Costs of Abatement by Special Assessment.
   8.12.210   Collection of Costs by Nuisance Abatement Lien.
   8.12.220   Treble the Costs of Abatement.
Part 3: Recordation; Enforcement and Attorney’s Fees
   8.12.230   Recordation of Substandard Notice.
   8.12.240   Code Enforcement Fees.
   8.12.250   Recovery of Attorney’s Fees.
   8.12.260   Applicability of Other Laws.
   8.12.270   Severability.