(A)   Each permit shall be issued subject to revocation or cancellation by the Superintendent of Water Treatment upon any violation of the holder of such permit of any rule or regulation governing fishing upon the city lakes.
   (B)   No permit shall be issued to any person who has knowingly violated any rule or regulation governing fishing or hunting upon the city lakes and all rules or regulations governing permits for fishing shall be kept posted at the place where such permits are issued. Each person receiving a permit shall be required to familiarize himself with all posted rules and regulations governing fishing at or upon the lake.  The burden of familiarizing himself with the rules and regulations, whether coming within the rules and regulations of the North Carolina Division of Environmental Health and/or of the General Statutes of North Carolina shall be upon the person seeking and obtaining such permit. The Superintendent of Water Treatment is required to post a copy of these rules and regulations within the building or outside the building where any boat landing is located at each lake to the end that persons seeking and receiving such permit shall familiarize themselves with the provisions thereof.  (Ord. passed 8-16-94)